Naumann Hobbs

  • Phoenix, AZ, USA

1949 Les Naumann started selling parts out of his pickup truck

Around 1980 Bob Hobbs bought the business

In the early 80’s we bought a Storage Product Company- South Ray. 

This expanded what we could do for our customers.

1999 purchased 3 dealerships in Las Vegas – combining them into 1 – Inland Hobbs

Acquired Arizona Forklift Parts in June 2001.

They could sell aftermarket parts and here at NHMH we could only sell OEM Parts for our vendors for which we are dealers- you know it as Wholesale Lift Truck Parts (WLTP)

November 1, 2006 Bob sold the business to the Associates.

We became an ESOP!

December 1, 2007 acquired Hawthorne Lift Systems

September 17, 2008 acquired Advanced Material Handling

Naumann Hobbs
Aug 08, 2019
Full time
  Essential Functions: Press Operation. Correctly operate a 150 ton press to mount tires on rims. Use proper lifting methods to place tires and equipment in press. Monitor press for correct pressures while operating. Keep press clean and serviced Drive tire press vehicle to job sites in a safe manner Sell additional tires and repairs when possible. Maintain the tire stock in the tire sheds. Keep sheds clean and tire stock stored neatly. Put away tire stock orders when they come in. Pick up any trash that accumulates in tire area. Maintain tire press vehicle. Keep track of scheduled maintenance intervals and send truck in for maintenance. Inform supervisor of any problems with truck operation. Wash truck periodically to maintain professional appearance. Maintains Company’s and personal tools associated with the tire truck. Help in warehouse when not pressing tires.   Among these duties safety is important to us and you will be responsible for the following: Delivery of your Safety Plan objectives. Ensure that employees in your reporting line receive adequate health and safety training. Ensure that any operating or occupational accidents and incidents involving employees in your reporting line are properly recorded and investigated to a productive conclusion.  This includes ensuring employees are appropriately monitored and managed to address unacceptable levels of performance.  Ensure a positive safety culture is developed within the area, which is supported by safety processes in accordance with industry standards and legislation.   Ensuring safety rules are followed to protect the health and safety of employees.   Education, Experience, and Skills required: High school diploma or equivalent. Must have or obtain a valid forklift certificate. Must have a valid Class C license and a good driving record. Class B for San Diego) Ability to work with hand and pneumatic tools. Will be expected to have own hand tools or procure them as the job progresses.   Testing Requirements: Applicants may be required to pass a written and/or oral examination before being considered for employment in this position.     Physical demands: Walking and moving about on foot, often through uneven terrain. Handling: Seizes, helps, or works with hands. Lifting: Raises or lowers heavy tires and wheels. Reaching: Extends hands and arms in any direction. Stooping: Bends body downward and forward by bending at knees or waist. Standing: Remains in a standing position if required to perform various functions of the job. Climbing: In and out of equipment. Up and down ladders. Vision: Read work tickets and parts books. Talking: Communications by radio, phone, and in person. Sitting: Sits in vehicle on and off through the day.     Physical Strength:             Lifting: up to 60 lbs. Daily, frequent exertion.     Environmental: Noise: Works in conditions with constant or intermittent noise. Temp/Weather: Works in a warehouse without temperature control, and outside in various temperature and weather. Exposure: Foul odors, fumes, and harsh substances.     Accommodations: Reasonable accommodations for essential functions of the position will be considered.